Kloveo Champagne Stopper - Preserve the Bubbles! 🍾

🏆 #1 Choice in France & Italy: Experience the best-selling Champagne stopper, a favorite in top Champagne bars worldwide!


We MadeThe Best Stopper In The World 

To Help You Savor The First Sip Experience (Again and Again)

  • Pop, Pour, and Preserve the Fizz for a Full Week

    Can’t finish your bottle? Don’t worry - it’ll be just as fresh and fizzy a week from now.

  • Over 5,000 5-star Reviews

    Both casual sippers and connoisseurs can't get enough of our stopper's performance.

  • Save Your Wallet and Your Drink

    Stop pouring money down the drain and start savoring every last sip.

  • Enjoy Without the Rush

    Savor at your own pace, without worrying about finishing it all in one go.

  • Pop Open Any Bottle You Fancy

    Don't let the fear of wastage hold you back from buying the bubbly you crave. 

  • Quality You’ll Taste Each Time

    Our stopper maintains maximum fizziness and slows oxidation to protect the delicate flavor profiles of your bubbly.

  • WAF's Unique Seal:

    Using Pascal's Law to its advantage, it gets tighter as the pressure rises, keeping your Champagne bubbly up to 88 psi.

  • Unmatched Ease of Use:

    It only takes three easy steps to keep your bottle safe. It works better and is easier to use than regular stoppers.

  • Leak-Proof Design:

    Whether upright or on its side, your bottle is safe and leak-free in the fridge.

  • Durable Construction:

    Designed to last a long time because of its chrome-plated stainless steel material.

Authentically Italian

Patented by Walter Fortunato (WAF) and proudly manufactured in Italy. While some attest to preserving fizz for two weeks, we recommend 3-5 days for optimal results.

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Prep & Position

Rotate the stainless steel safety clip away from the stopper.

TIP: For maximum fizz, ensure you're ready to cap your bottle immediately after pouring.



Secure the Seal

Insert the specially designed plastic seal into the Champagne bottle as far as it goes.

TIP: Trust the patented seal! It automatically adjusts and tightens using the brilliant Pascal's Law.



Lock & Store

Fasten the safety clip snugly around the neck of the bottle. That's it!

TIP: For best results, place your bottle on ice or store in the fridge immediately. This helps retain the bubbles for longer.


Kloveo makes Champagne sparkle for days!

Experience the magic of Kloveo and keep your Champagne bubbly for days!

  • Absolutely nothing seals an opened bottle as well as this

    “Seals completely. No leaks. Does not come off, till you lever the lower clamp back. Preserves the freshness perfectly. This is the ONLY bubbly bottle stopper to own and use. A great gift to give to those that drink.”

    In the Dessert

  • Keeps my Procecco bubbles perfect on our boat rides!

    “My bottles of procecco would blow the other cork stoppers off and my bottle would be empty on our boat rides UNTIL we ordered these good looking KLOVEO Stoppers! We bought more after we realized they really worked for all our travels! Thank you!”

    James F.

  • Keeps your sparking drink bubbly

    “Really good stopper for sparkling drinks. After two days, the bubbles are still there. Fairly easy to use; I did have to use a little force to push the stopper into the bottle before "locking" it. Once you are used to it, it works great. I actually turned the bottle over to test whether it was leakproof or not. Worked perfectly, without a leaked drop!”


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Kloveo Champagne Stopper different from other stoppers?

The Kloveo uses a patented WAF seal based on Pascal's Law. As pressure builds inside the bottle, the seal tightens, ensuring that your Champagne remains bubbly. This unique mechanism, combined with its ease of use and durable construction, sets it apart.

Can I store the Champagne bottle on its side with the Kloveo stopper?

Absolutely! The Kloveo Champagne Stopper is designed to be leak-proof, allowing you to store your bottle either upright or on its side without any worries.

How long will my Champagne stay fresh with the Kloveo stopper?

While some users have reported that their Champagne remained fizzy for up to two weeks, for optimal freshness and taste, we recommend consuming it within 3-5 days.

Is the Kloveo Champagne Stopper compatible with other bubbly beverages, like Prosecco or Cava?

Yes, it fits all standard 750ml Champagne or Sparkling Wine bottle necks. This includes Prosecco, Cava, some Magnum, 187ml bottles, and even several large format beer or cider bottles.

Where is the Kloveo Champagne Stopper made?

The Kloveo Champagne Stopper is proudly patented by the Italian inventor Walter Fortunato (WAF) and is manufactured in Italy.

I have difficulty with my hands. Is the Kloveo stopper easy to use?

The Kloveo Stopper is designed for ease of use, requiring just three simple steps to secure. Many users find it much easier to handle compared to spring-loaded or clam-shell style stoppers.

Is there a guarantee on the Kloveo Champagne Stopper?

Yes, we stand by the quality of our product and offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.

How do I clean the Kloveo Champagne Stopper?

Cleaning is easy! Simply rinse with warm soapy water, ensuring all parts are cleaned thoroughly, and then dry with a soft cloth.